Last week…

The above piece was done with heat transfer dyes on a bright yellow polyester, linen look fabric. Not my usual colours but I really like it. I also painted lots of other papers to transfer later. The painted papers last indefinitely as long as they’re stored away from light. The workshop with Kerr Grabowski last […]

In my studio

Above: breakdown print on silk – using Procion dyes. I love this process – hadn’t tried it on silk before and not my usual colours but I’m happy with how this has turned out. I think I’ll send it for the Artwear Publications complex cloth swap to be shown at the Brisbane Textile Art Festival. […]

Product trial

There has been some discussion on the Complex Cloth Yahoo group about a new discharging product: deColourant Plus which was being promoted as a less smelly and safer alternative to the existing products. Dave very kindly offered to send samples to interested members so they could do their own testing. I didn’t think he would […]

Procion dye work

Some more sample pieces from my recent work with dyes. Top is hand painted & below: mono & roller printed. Below: screen printed and lines applied with squeeze bottle. A few silk hand dyes, all done in the same container – the dark ones are organza. A recipe for this method (Cram jar dyeing) is […]

Garden & new work

We’ve been enjoying gorgeous Spring weather (although we need more rain) so I was prompted to take a couple of garden pics.Top is looking down towards the vegie garden which is shown below. A new covered notebook using one of my recent prints. This will be a surprize for someone soon. Another breakdown print – […]

Breakdown prints

This week I’ve been playing with breakdown printing. These are all from the same screen which I used for monoprinting on another large piece of fabric then left all the dye on the screen to dry. The next day I printed from it with clear manutex – the middle pic is the first pull – […]


Lots of printing happening lately – with dye and paint – these are a couple of paint ones. The one above is my soy wax screen print from the last post. I cut it in 2, overdyed it and added more printing and stencilling.

New bag & postcard

The bag is made from dressmaking remnants and fabric that was given to me, which I’ve dyed and printed. The fringe was from a truly daggy white lace poncho that I bought for $1 at an Opp shop – thought the lace would be good for dispersal dyeing (it was). The fringe dyed beautifully with […]

Gelatine printing and more soy wax

Top 2 pics are some of my gelatine prints – just quick ones because I needed to try out the process before I leave. I’m doing a workshop in this and the soy wax for one of my groups 3 days after I return. The 2 next pics are soy wax painted with procion dyes. […]

Scarf finished

Yay! I finished my scarf for the competition today. I’ll just show the corner in case there are any restrictions on publishing pics. It’s silk pongee, dyed and printed with Napthols and it has cut out areas which were stitched using soluble vilene (541) as was the fringe. I’m happy with it but we’ll see […]