TIF: May and June

Now I’ve finished my exhibition work, it’s time to catch up on my Take It Further Challenge pieces. I’ve decided not to be too pedantic about the chosen colours. While looking for some suitable fabrics last night I found a small collection of printed fabrics (top photo) that I had intended to put together into […]

Machine embroidery

I’ve finished my pieces for “It’s About Time” at The Old Bakery on 8th Gallery. Just have to finish the framing now and take them in tomorrow. The exhibition opens Sunday. I’ve photographed my work but won’t post them yet. Above: I was thinking of using this in one of my pieces and decided not […]

More Garden Photos

I should be working, not blogging but had to take a photo of these while they were at their peak. It’s a Grevillea in our front garden, we think Hookerana (spelling?) but may be wrong. Anyway they are lovely. On Sunday the Catalyst workshop went well I think, they seemed happy with what we did […]


Front cover Today I finished my journal for the exhibition, hurrah! It was hard to photograph because of the light & dark areas so in places the colour is a bit washed out but you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it. This is the first book I’ve made and it was a lot […]

Top photo is my main piece for the Innovative stitches Group exhibition. I’m still deciding if it’s finished, almost there but maybe just a touch more needed. The design is inspired by fragments of bobbin lace found in the Batavia shipwreck off the WA coast.The 90 x 130cm cotton fabric was dyed with Napthols, silkscreen […]

Autumn Leaves

The leaves are from our persimmon tree which has just finished fruiting, aren’t they gorgeous colours. No photos of work yet but I’m doing lots for the 2 exhibitions I’m taking part in. I was going to post the poster for one of them but it’s an Adobe document and I can’t get it to […]

holiday photos

Margaret River moss We’ve just returned from a weeks break at beautiful Margaret River, on the coast about 280 kms south of Perth. It’s one of WA’s best known wine regions which also has lots of great galleries as well as yummy food to taste. We took my parents with us because now that my […]

April bag fabric

Here’s my April TIF finished, although I was going to sew on a few wooden buttons, maybe after the bag is made up. The bits that look blue are actually black or dark brown. I think it will be OK for a bag, might have to give it to someone who likes those colours. I […]