Last Sunday daughter Renee came up and we decided to visit Araluen, a park not far from where we live. These are a few of the photos I took there. The waterlilies were gorgeous. So were these – I momentarily can’t remember what they’re called! The bush looked a bit dry but the creek was still running. […]

Fibre Arts at the Monastery

I meant to tell you about the new textile workshops that will be held April 15 -22 at New Norcia WA. in my last post. There are some great workshops on offer with places still available. For all the information on these and others in the eastern states, click on fibrearts. I didn’t want to […]

Procion Dye Printing & a Quilt

Some of these are from before Christmas and some a little earlier. Above and below are breakdown prints. I bought the new book Making your Mark by Claire Benn and Lesley Morgan – the 3 pieces below are from trying some of their techniques. Great book, as all of theirs are. It also includes a […]

Happy New Year!

One of the things I’m going to do this year is quilting – I’ve signed up for a free online BOM class at Craftsy and these are the fabrics I’ve chosen from my collection. I didn’t want to buy any new ones but I might need just one more bright pink. The background colour will […]

A quick post

The top 2 fabrics have been revamped a little – top is done with thermofax screens and below, block printed with a thermofax screen used for the final layer. I packaged up some of my fabrics into variety packs and single fabric packs for ‘Gifted‘ which was last Sunday. I sold quite a few of […]

Still here

Unfortunately we are still here. We had to cancel our trip because DH ended up in emergency early Friday morning (we were due to fly out Fri night) Fortunately it happened here and not on the plane and he came home this morning, still recovering though. Thanks to those who sent me information on Amsterdam […]

Australian Bushfires

Horrible news is coming from the south east of Australia, mostly Victoria. Many people have died in the worst bushfires they’ve ever had. 131 when I last heard and at least 700 homes destroyed.My heart goes out to those affected. Although on the other side of the country, it hits close to home because we […]

Into the studio

This week I’ve managed to get into the studio to do some acid milling dyeing. These dyes are mostly used for protein fibres (wool & silk) but they are also brilliant on nylons. I had a roll of bright yellow & gold lace that I got very cheap and a friend gave me some white […]

New post at last

It’s been a while, but here is some of my recent work. Above: a using up scraps piece where I’ve bonded assorted odd shaped fabric bits onto black iron on vilene & used rows of auto machine stitches with various threads including metallics, to decorate it. Over that: some couched yarns & strips of organza. […]

New work

These are some of my fabrics in progress drying on the clothesline. Not finished yet, although the front one with the spots is getting there. They’re all very much experimental pieces and I’m enjoying the process. I’ve used thickened procion dyes for the printing. The above machine embroidered piece is from the “It’s About Time” […]